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We implement Content Moderation solutions using the best in tech & Human Intelligence to Moderate User Generated Content and help protect online communities.

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How Taskeater can help

Online platforms are under immense pressure to moderate user generated content. Technology has improved how content is moderated however, we can’t rely on AI to get it 100% correct so there’s often a requirement to have a combination of technology and a human moderation team to ensure User Generated Content adheres to client guidelines.

Taskeater is an industry leader in UGC moderation. We partner with the best in tech and assemble dedicated, fully-managed, teams for moderating client websites, forums and apps to help safeguard users.
Our outsourced teams of expert moderators, working in synergy with automation tools, identify and moderate sensitive content to ensure client communities are kept safe from offensive, dangerous, and illegal UGC.


Business Process Consultancy

Dedicated Offshore Team

Custom Applications

Technology-Enabled Moderation

Some of our clients have built their own AI software, or have procured external Content Moderation systems. In such cases our moderators work directly into their back-end, combining the power of technology with dedicated teams of analysts. We will train the team to work within a clients existing processes and guidelines.
If however your business is looking for an all encompassing solution of both Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence, we’ve got it covered. We can help implement automated technology that’s best suited to your platform and build a team to support your fast, accurate and scalable Content Moderation solution.


Typical cost savings compared to an inhouse team

“We’ve drastically reduced costs by outsourcing our workload to Taskeater yet they’re doing a far better and more thorough job! Incredibly satisfied and entirely confident in service” – Global Program Manager, eCom Marketplace

Flexible Managed Service

Our managed service is specifically designed to be customised around our customers workflow and requirements in mind. Our main delivery centre provides room for expansion, and we now employ hundreds of staff in our purpose-equipped delivery centre, delivering tens of thousands of business critical processes for clients across a broad cross section of markets. Every client’s team of analysts has a dedicated Operations Manager supporting the team and acting as the client’s main POC. Daily communication channels and regular catch up call’s help strengthen the performance and relationship.


Average posts moderated per hour per analyst

“The speed and accuracy of our moderation team has substantially improved since moving to Taskeater. Plus, having a fully-managed team in place had removed the headache of regularly sourcing and training freelancers” – Head of Community Operations, Media Sharing Platform

Staff Wellbeing

Our staff are a key part to our business so we take great pride in ensuring they have high levels of wellbeing and work/life balance. We are proud to have an industry low employee turnover rate of 6% with an 86% employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and a gender pay gap of less than 3%.

Explicit UGC can have an effect on the wellbeing of moderators, therefore, we have embedded a staff well-being function on top of human resources to ensure analysts exposed to inappropriate content will receive the necessary support required.


Quality score of our content moderation

“The Taskeater team is dedicated to ensuring our platform is a community where our members can feel safe, and I trust them fully! We’ve saved so much internal time, especially with our training efforts too” – Community Manager, US Based Dating App

Speed & Accuracy

We are passionate about content moderation. By outsourcing your efforts to a specialised company, you instantly gain access to the speed, accuracy and quality of service you need to guarantee full online user protection. We have dedicated quality assurance teams in place when we moderate to ensure we stay within our 96% quality score maintaining highest levels of accuracy, despite short turnaround times.

Data Security & Protection

As a data processor, the protection and security of your data is a top priority for us. We have taken a variety of both physical and digital steps to ensure our processes are fully secure and up-to-date with regulations. We are ISO27001:2013 certified and are regularly audited by ISO certified auditors as well as our clients.

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