AI Algorithm Training

We are specialists in assembling fully-managed, scalable, teams to carry out AI Algorithm Training, specifically for tasks such as; Data Labeling & Annotation (i.e highlighting, colouring or marking images), Data-Collection, Data-Entry, and other repetitive tasks, with speed and accuracy.

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Why choose Taskeater

For AI algorithms to learn and improve, data needs to be annotated correctly. This workload can be time-consuming and require a large, focused, team so your software can recognize & memorize a huge amount of data as effectively as possible.

Taskeater is an industry leader in algorithm training. We partner with the best in tech and assemble dedicated, fully-managed, teams for specific algorithm training tasks such as labelling, annotation, highlighting, colouring, marking images plus many more.

Our outsourced teams of task-specific experts, working in synergy with automation tools, tag and train algorithms to ensure they are as efficient as possible.


24/7/365 Coverage

We can provide round the clock coverage – night shifts, weekends and holidays included, so your software never stops learning.


Reduce your internal costs by outsourcing AI Algorithm Training to our flexible teams.

Speed & Accuracy

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team in place to ensure your team fulfil the workload with the highest levels of accuracy.

Fully Managed Workforce

Our fully-managed teams provide clients with confidence and trust in our service, ensuring KPI’s are adhered to and offering a senior point of contact who fully understands a clients workload. Clients also benefit from London based Account Manager for additional ongoing support.


Images tagged for one of the largest mapping services

“We have a team tagging thousands of road images a day, road signs, objects, hazards and so on. Having an internal team carry out this massive workload is simply unfeasible!” Head of Products, Computer Vision and Deep Learning Scientist

Technology-Enabled Teamwork

We work directly in your back-end, aiming to combine the power of technology with your dedicated team of analysts. Our technical consultants will identify and advise on possible efficiencies for your team.


Typical cost savings compared to an inhouse team

“We’ve drastically reduced costs by outsourcing our workload to Taskeater yet they’re doing a far better and more thorough job! Incredibly satisfied and entirely confident in service” – Global Program Manager, eCom Marketplace


Regular communication with our clients is key to our successful relationships. We always have daily communication channel set up for share quick updates and necessary knowledge, plus we will ensure we have regular catch up calls to discuss the workload.


Traffic sign classifications per analysts per day

“The Taskeater team is dedicated to ensuring our platform is a community where our members can feel safe, and I trust them fully! We’ve saved so much internal time, especially with our training efforts too” – Community Manager, US Based Dating App


We have the ability to scale teams at speed to accommodate clients requirements and increase in workload. We can create teams from 1-300+ analysts and can work 24/7/365

Data Security & Protection

As a data processor, the protection and security of your data is a top priority for us. We have taken a variety of both physical and digital steps to ensure our processes are fully secure and up-to-date with regulations. We are ISO27001:2013 certified and are regularly audited by ISO certified auditors as well as our clients.

Structured Training Process

The training process is managed by us from beginning to end, to ensure knowledge has been seamlessly transferred to your team, assuring your dedicated team works as effectively as an in-house solution.

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