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What Is The Future of Outsourcing?

May 9, 2018

Taskeater partnered with Raconteur to publish a report, ‘Future of Outsourcing’, in the Times. We have included the PDF here in case you missed your morning paper. The BPO industry is fast changing, and we wanted to share the fascinating changes and trends in outsourcing.

At Taskeater we recognise that outsourcing is entering a new age. Significant changes such as robotics, automation and AI are radically changing how we work with our clients, and this is just the beginning. With increasingly competitive marketplaces and the rapid progression of digital technologies, cost-effective and efficient outsourcing is fast becoming a necessity for high-growth businesses and companies.

When Taskeater started in 2014, the key to our success was flexibility. We wanted to be as flexible with changing workflows as our clients were – a necessity in promoting efficiency and growth in such a competitive age. Our client list began to grow as more traditional outsourcing is slower to respond, making it hard to adapt and scale.

We are taking this flexibility further in 2018. In our efforts to continue to provide the most efficient and effective options for our clients, we have progressed into the realms of Robotic Process Automation and AI to support our offshore teams and analysts. Combining the best of technology with highly trained, professional offshore employees enables us to ensure speed, accuracy and efficiency across our services.

Read The Full Report Here – Future of Outsourcing 

A few key highlights…

To give you an idea of what to expect, we have summarised some of the key ideas and articles for you below.

So Much More Than Cost-Cutting. 
Sharon Thiruchelvam dispels some of the common misconceptions about outsourcing and what it represents for companies and outlines where the industry is headed in the next few years.

Two Partners Working For A Shared Goal. 
Nicola Smith looks in detail at the relationship between the client and the supplier in outsourcing, and how trust is fundamental to the continuing growth of the industry.

Carrying On After The Lessons Of Carillion. 
Carles Orton-Jones looks at the outsourcing industry after the collapse of Carillion and the uses and abuses of outsourcing within the public sector.

Outsourced Tech. 
The keys statistics and trends to watch for as outsourcing transitions to be more digital and technological in orientation.

What Is Next For Taskeater?

As the report explores, outsourcing is transitioning to focus more around automation and digital technologies, however this does not mean that Taskeater is becoming fully digital.

In our experience, many of our clients struggle to transition to a digital or AI powered solution immediately, requiring manual support during a transition and providing hours of training to ensure the solution functions for their business model.  Taskeater continues to provide highly efficient manual outsourcing to help with that transition.

Taskeater’s key goal is to combine the best technology for your process with specialised offshore teams to provide you with a solution that is going to work sustainably for your business.

Rather than fully transition to a digital offering, Taskeater aims to offer a holistic solution, coping with the limitations technology suffers by pairing these solutions with highly trained and capable offshore teams. Get in contact with one of the team to find out more about automating your processes.

Dan Vanrenen

Dan Vanrenen

Managing Director of Taskeater and one of Taskeater's former clients. He has 16 years of sales experience, two boys and loves rugby.

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