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Taskeater Rebrands Lead Services As Growthonics

April 23, 2019

Over the last four years, Taskeater has seen huge growth from a five-person team to a 600+ employee business process outsourcing organisation with offices in London, Stockholm, Helsinki and Dhaka. Our lead generation services organisation account for about 25% of the organisation and has seen substantial growth over the past 18 months. In order to clarify the value proposition and messaging around the service, Taskeater has decided to house the lead services under a new brand, Growthonics, which has been under development for the past nine months.

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Following the Growthonics launch, we are looking to deploy new technologies across the service delivery chain in order to further improve efficiencies and accuracy.  We have invested heavily in improving our tech and internal processes as well as building a dedicated lead generation management team to ensure a higher quality of data we provide. We still pride ourself on providing our clients with highly targeted, customisable data and outbound email as a managed service.

Having served over 400 clients to date, we now feel confident in crystallizing our market positioning. Growthonics will further embrace an agency feel in a market that is being saturated by Do-It-Yourself lead generation portals, and hence Growthonics’ slogan is “We do the work for you.” B2B sales teams have an abundance of tools available, however, Growthonics will strive to become a valued advisor in testing various data sources, applications and tools in order to deploy the most optimal suite of lead generation tools to provide the best service possible.

If you would like more information please email get in touch with us through our website or with your account manager.

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