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Outsourcing Content Moderation for Your Community

May 28, 2019

The need for content moderation services has grown tremendously in recent years. And that doesn’t come as a surprise. Just about every website today allows user contributions in the form of text, image or even video. However, failure to check these uploads carefully could lead to spam or graphic content making its way onto your website. It’s a real problem in today’s online communities, and with the help of bots, it’s only getting worse. Fortunately, outsourcing content moderation is a breeze.

Why Content Moderation Is Necessary

If your website accepts user contributions in any form, you need to be moderating them. Without proper moderation, your website can quickly become overrun by spam and non-advertiser-friendly content. Failure to properly moderate your online community could actually have big consequences.

At the less serious end of the scale, a website without moderation can be quickly overrun by spam comments. That is, bots can visit your site to leave hundreds (or even thousands) of links in the comment section of your blog posts and articles. The same bots can auto-post on forums and essentially turn the community useless.

Real users will quickly get overwhelmed by the immense number of spam replies. It will also devalue your brand and, in general, make your website seem much lower quality. The spam will discourage and hinder actual discussions. In turn, your community will quickly lose traction.

At the end of the day, spam is an annoyance and definitely something you need to control. But content moderation works to stop more serious things too — such as legal trouble for your team and your website.

Examples include graphic and illegal content. Whether it is a user trolling your website or a full-out attack, accidentally exposing your users to this type of content can have serious consequences. The consequences are even more serious if you have a sensitive audience, such as a website primarily marketed to children.

The wrong photos, videos, audio files and links can all become serious legal matters if posted on your website. Content moderation will help filter them before they go live, and other protocols (such as a flagging system) can help remove any that slip through the cracks.

Now that you know why you need content moderation, the next step is setting it up. Unfortunately, this is where many website owners run into problems. The reality is, setting up an efficient content moderation system can prove difficult and expensive.

Outsourcing Content Moderation Successfully

If your website accepts any form of user contributions –even basic comments — you need to set up some form of content moderation. Doing so protects your community and your brand by filtering out low-quality, irrelevant and explicit content. In turn, your users have a safe place for on-topic discussion.

The difficulty you will likely face in establishing a content moderation system is the cost and complexity of it. That’s where outsourcing proves to be a big help. By outsourcing content moderation, you can save both time and money.

There are many different types of moderation designed to fit the needs of any website. Yours may need just one or multiple in order to properly moderate the content users are posting.

  • Video moderation allows for the filtration of inappropriate user-generated videos.
  • Social media moderation keeps your social media channels on-brand and reputable for your entire audience.
  • Text moderation keeps comments, reviews and user posts advertiser-friendly.
  • Image moderation keeps inappropriate user-generated images off your website.

In addition to the above, there are some more specific content moderation services your website may employ.

For instance, if you operate a dating website, you might benefit from using a service specifically designed for your use case. This type of moderation will filter text in the form of user profiles, comments and messages. It will also give special attention to the videos and images users add to avoid explicit content.

Dating sites are a major target for explicit and illicit content, so you should always implement special moderation tactics if you operate in this sensitive niche. Harassment, trolling and cyber bullying are also major problems your moderation system will need to look for.

Another speciality service your website may benefit from is algorithm moderation. This is a moderation system that checks crawled content and content generated by an algorithm.

Protect Your Community

Taskeater offers a range of content moderation services to keep your community on the right track. When outsourcing content moderation for your community, you’ll find that Taskeater has all the right tools for the job. Our services are cost-effective, fast and accurate.

Our team works around the clock to protect your users from content that doesn’t fit your brand image and guidelines. The result is a safer community that every community member will feel safe in as they engage in quality, memorable and on-topic discussion.

The best part is, by outsourcing to Taskeater, you get to enjoy the perks of our specialisation. We have the infrastructure to keep data secure as it is being processed. We have the know-how to quickly filter out the wrong content — our large staff is completely trained in the ins-and-outs of content moderation. That means nothing is going to slip through the cracks.

Trying to handle content moderation in-house is expensive and incredibly complex. Let Taskeater do the work for you.

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