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From Client to MD: Why I Believe In Building Offshore Teams

March 24, 2017

How much time does your team spend searching the internet looking for a decision maker at a company you are trying to have a conversation with?

Quality leads are the lifeline for any outbound sales team and I have seen many teams over the years spending as much as 50-60% of their time (especially in start-up and new product launch phases) on lead sourcing alone. Without a constant flow you end up on what I call the ‘meeting roller coaster’ – one week you are back to back in meetings and closing like a machine, the next everything dries up and all simply because you haven’t had the time to add to the top of your sales funnel.

One of the main reasons I am at Taskeater is because of my experience as a client.

In my previous role, I ran a team of five salespeople at a London tech start-up where our aim was to aggressively grow our client base and expand the team to 20 within a year. All marketing activity was dedicated to building the user base rather than expanding the offering, and understandably so. But this meant that with no inbound enquiries my team and I would need to spend hours a day finding and nurturing leads. And since hospitality does not have much of a presence on LinkedIn each lead had to be found from a different data source. Not only was this hugely time-consuming but also incredibly frustrating since, although our close rate was good (c.60%), our sales were still slow because of being lead-starved. The only answer was to feed the machine. So, after researching possible solutions I experimented with buying lists, using interns, call centres, using different websites offering hourly services and outsourcing to the individual – all services I have used before all with varying success. In the end, none of it really worked and I would spend far more time setting up the process and qualifying and refining the leads myself than was practical.

Then I found Taskeater. I was offered two dedicated people to look after this one goal – to find me a steady flow of decent leads. I set out the parameters of my target and who I wanted to speak to at those companies, we set up a shared google sheet including a ‘leave’ list and off they went.

Day one they found 25 leads and this increased to 40+ per day within a week. Immediately we saw the benefits, motivation increased and the team spent more time in conversation with potential prospects rather than trying to find them!

But lead sourcing is only the start of the solution. Infuture blog posts I look forward to covering how you can automate parts of the process, which will not only save you time and money, but also help productivity and get more meetings in the diary.

Dan Vanrenen

Dan Vanrenen

Managing Director of Taskeater and one of Taskeater's former clients. He has 16 years of sales experience, two boys and loves rugby.

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