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How Taskeater Celebrated Bengali New Year

April 26, 2018

Taskeater celebrated Boishakh 1425, or the Bengali New Year,  on the 14th of April. We wanted to share the inside story to our readers around the world, to give you all an insight into our Dhaka Division office community. 

Taskeater takes great pride in multicultural festivities and celebrations for our staff.  A small team of employees took on the role of official event planners – planning everything from the decorations to the entertainment. One of our managers, Imie Jannat, who played an integral role in organising the event, has described the event for us.

Imie’s Take:

The Bengali New Year is one of Bangladesh‘s biggest and brightest occasions. 14th April marks the first day of the new year, or Pohela Boishakh. The new year is always greeted with colourful and traditional festivities, and it is one of the most anticipated occasions in our calendar.

At Taskeater we like to  celebrate the festivities straight from our office. Taskeater Boishakh is one of the biggest events we celebrate throughout the year,  so we wanted our colleagues to experience the occasion in the office as well as with their family and friends.

BeFunky Collage_decor

Like last year, our Boishakh event was executed by a team of creative and enthusiastic colleagues. A small group, myself included, planned  this event: decorating the office, arranging the food, scheduling activities throughout the day and setting up surprises for our colleagues.



Organisers came in over the weekend to decorate the entire office to make it perfect for the big day! The first Monday of the year is always a colourful vibrant surprise for everyone at Taskeater. All our hard work was paid for in full seeing the bright smiles of surprise and joy from our colleagues.


BeFunky Collage_food

We arranged street food vendors and fun activities in our outdoor garden space of the office. This year we brought“Jhalmuri” (spicy puffed rice mix) “Chotpoti (spicy, tangy chickpea mix)“, “Hawai Mithai (candy floss)” and “Aam Bhorta (raw mango chutney)”.


BeFunky Collage

We served a very traditional lunch but the star of the show was the surprise dessert- Kheer Potol. This unique dessert stole everyone’s hearts and left everyone craving for more for the rest of the week!

Along with all the decorations, we also arranged kites to fly, miniature windmills, bubble blowing stands, face painting stands and a Bioscope box for everyone to enjoy!


8ABA333D-27B8-4811-AF27-23928C563B59When planning the event, the organisers wanted to include everyone in the festivities. This year, the food vendors dressed in bright red and our in-house floor staff dressed in bright yellow and blue, to match the Taskeater decorations.



A Final Word

All in all, a very successful event and a massive thank you to the organisers. Taskeater takes employee well-being very seriously and works hard to build an active community for our employees over in Dhaka. We will finish off by saying a very happy new year from Taskeater worldwide and we hope you aren’t too jealous of all the food!

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