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How To Keep Your Data Clean Post-Cleanse

March 13, 2018

With GDPR coming up in May, not accurately and regularly processing your data is an expensive mistake to make – we have compiled practical and actionable steps you can follow to keep your database clean post-cleanse.

If you are still confused about what a CRM cleanse is or why you need one – we run through some key terminology here. If you don’t actively cleanse and update your data 70% of your database could be inaccurate after just one year – so it is critical that you are actively investing in cleaning and post-cleansing.

Taskeater has worked with over 400 companies, including with helping clients cleanse their CRM databases, effective data entry and data discovery. We have experience across the board when it comes to database best practice. So we have compiled a few articles to discuss the dos and the don’ts of storing data – to keep an eye out for the next few sign up to our Lead Generation Insights Newsletter.




Why CRM maintenance matters

There are clear benefits of regularly cleansing your CRM database beyond just the cost, which we detail more fully in our last CRM article – Trigger Event Selling: How To Generate New Business With CRM Cleansing
– but a primary concern for companies as May approaches is how to keep their databases compliant.

Opt-in and consent – how you obtain an email address of a contact – are only a small part of what compliance entails. You need to be proactive in cleansing your database of out-of-date contacts and accurately tagging your leads with means of acquisition and date of acquisition in order to meet the standards imposed by new regulation.

CRM cleansing will help keep your data compliant under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your data needs to be accurate, up to date, and should be retained only as long as necessary – all areas regular cleansing will help with.

Unsure you need a CRM cleanse?

Have a read of the first article in our CRM cleansing series to see if you need to cleanse your CRM – CRM Maintenance 101: How Dirty Is Your Data?
CRM Cleansing Maintenance - Dirty Data Checklist

Post-CRM cleanse best practices to keep your data clean

There are a few best practices you should adopt to keep your data clean and make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

  • Keep your contact information accurate. You need to regularly verify contact information and keep it up to date – so be careful when you are entering new data. Conduct a health check of your database and see how many of your entries are inaccurate and out of date.
  • Develop and follow a Data Standardization Process that works for your business – articulating how data should be entered in your CRM. This will enforce an organized and consistent environment for entering data into your CRM, and prevent human error.
  • Don’t keep the contact details of leads that have unsubscribed. They should be removed from your CRM entirely as soon as they unsubscribe.
  • Tag the source of your data within your CRM. All your data should have a tagged source recording where you got the data from and how long you have had it. This will help with compliance too.
  • Record what stage a lead is at when storing them in your CRM. This will help you tailor your messaging to their stage in the sales pipeline, and help you keep track of what information you are storing. This means you know what to delete when it is no longer useful  – saving yourself storage space and ensuring you are in line with the regulations.
  • Only collect business email addresses. Conduct a check of your database and see whether all the email addresses are corporate. Company emails are normally specific to the company rather than a personal address ( or
  • Last but not least, run regular health checks. You need to check routinely that your data is up to date and clean. The longer you leave this, the more work will build up!

How could Taskeater help you?

Taskeater offers CRM cleansing and data discovery services to B2B companies of all sizes, all over the world. We guarantee complete confidentiality and security – any data we process will not be stored on a centralised database and will not be sold on. We remove leads you no longer need and replace them with active contacts with accurate contact details. We also help you become GDPR ready by tagging your data sources and replacing personal data with corporate data.

If you are unsure whether you even need a CRM cleanse, we offer a full health check of your CRM and a detailed analysis report free of charge.

Dan Vanrenen

Dan Vanrenen

Managing Director of Taskeater and one of Taskeater's former clients. He has 16 years of sales experience, two boys and loves rugby.

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